The accounting services we provide are the following:

  • Recommendations – Starts – Holidays – Changes – Conversions – Business Mergers
  • Mergers – Solutions – Company Liquidations
  • Tips and suggestions for new investment grants or for the application of tax-free reserves
  • Study and faithful implementation of the Accounting Plan
  • Periodic and VAT Clearance Declarations
  • Provisional & Final Statements FMY
  • FMAP statements
  • Compilation of Consolidated Statements of Customers – Suppliers
  • Payroll
  • Compilation and Submission of Periodic IKA Statements (APD)
  • Relevance Syntax

Proper bookkeeping of a business, the so-called international book-keeping, is one of the necessary supplies for its viability. And it is the necessary condition so that we reach the implementation of the most appropriate tax policy.

Correct registration of the documents based on the faithful use after a meticulous study of the Accounting Plan, completion of all the forms required by the Tax Authorities. but also other Public Services, the avoidance of fines are some of the basic principles around which our philosophy was developed.

In cooperation with you, and always depending on the conditions we encounter, we choose the way and the business formula on which we will build this cooperation