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Full Accounting - Tax Support

Security Validity Responsibility




Logistic services
The company of Maloutas Panagiotis & Associates undertakes the accounting support of all legal entities with experienced staff.
Labor - Payroll Services
The company's experience in matters of state law contributes to the proper observance of labor law.
Logistic services
Comprehensive and valid coverage in tax matters of all kinds.
Consultant agency
Designing the best financial plan, tailored to the needs of your business.
for us

Our office is located in a modern space, in the center of the city of Kozani. We offer a wide range of accounting and tax services, always operating responsibly, consistently and efficiently.

You can trust our accounting office for any issue that concerns you, from the settlement of your tax return to the design of complete tax solutions or our mediation for the settlement of financial / labor issues. Our experience guarantees the complete coverage of your every need.

Why us

why us

Keep an eye on all the developments in the changes of the legislation so that we are ready always to increased demands.

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Lassani Square, Kozani

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