BioPanagiotis Maloutas

Panagiotis Maloutas is a graduate of T.E.I in Kozani (School of Management & Economics). He is also a member of the Association of Accountants (EFEE / Kozani) since 1993. Until 2010, he has attended internships in accounting offices, has worked as an Assistant Accountant, being responsible for Human Resources Management, operated his sole proprietorship and has also attended numerous seminars on taxation and accounting. From 2010 until today, he undertakes companies for accounting, tax, labor and costing issues, while he generally works as a consultant, directing his clients to make the right decisions. It is noteworthy that he operates as Analytical Accounting – Costing Manager for the “Development Company of Western Macedonia ANKO SA” while he was also the Financial Initiative Manager of the Community Initiative (Leader II and Leader Plus). From 2019 until today, Panagiotis Maloutas is a financial supervisor at the Professional Chamber of Industry of Kozani.

Recently, in collaboration with his son Thomas, he started to offer insurance services (life insurance, car insurance, home – business insurance, etc.)

We offer complete accounting, tax and insurance services to businesses and individuals with a focus on quality, consistency and reliability.
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