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There is no need to waste time on the bureaucratic procedures of your business. The team of our accounting office is by your side every step of the way, providing you services:

  • In the establishment of SA, Ltd., PC, OE, EE, Cooperatives, COINSEP of individual enterprises and joint ventures.
  • In conversions and mergers based on development incentives (N.D. 2190/20, 1297/72 and 2166/93).
  • In mergers by acquisition or incorporation of a new company, splits and spin-offs.
  • At the start, changes and termination of business operations
  • In the liquidation and final solution of personal companies (O.E., E.E.) and Legal entities (A.E., Ltd., I.K.E. etc).
We offer complete accounting, tax and insurance services to businesses and individuals with a focus on quality, consistency and reliability.
Get informed on financial issues
You have the opportunity to always be the first to know the news and updates around the financial issues that concern you.

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