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Are you looking for an experienced partner who can give you reliable advice on work issues? Or do you need valid information about work subsidy programs?

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, in any case you need help managing the payroll of your staff. Our accounting office is by your side, to help you effectively manage payroll and employment issues, offering you reliable solutions for the smooth operation of your business and its harmonization with labor law.

With many years of experience, our team undertakes comprehensive information on the personal and payroll data of the staff of a company in a reliable and flexible way.

Our services have always been designed in accordance with the requirements of tax and labor law as well as the needs of the management of each company.

Compilation and Submission of Detailed and Periodic Statements.

Detailed Periodic Statement is the statement submitted by the employer and includes information or data concerning the employment time of each insured, the remuneration, the insurance branches, as well as the amount of insurance contributions.

Our experienced executives help you to complete and submit the declaration correctly while protecting you from any sanctions by solving questions you may have.

We offer complete accounting, tax and insurance services to businesses and individuals with a focus on quality, consistency and reliability.
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