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Whether you are a small or a medium-sized business, you certainly need support in settling your tax liabilities. Frequent changes in tax legislation may no longer be a concern for you. With the reliable information on tax issues of our accounting and tax office, but also our consulting support during tax audits, you can stay calm!

It is important to stay informed about the tax needs of your business in order to make the right tax decisions. The team of our accounting and tax office provides a wide range of accounting and tax consulting services, so you know the latest developments in the ever-changing tax and insurance system.

Our services:

  • Extraordinary and special tax audits
  • Tax audits of indirect techniques
  • Large real estate issues
  • Issues on establishing a domestic or foreign company
  • Debt Settlement Issues to Public Bodies
We offer complete accounting, tax and insurance services to businesses and individuals with a focus on quality, consistency and reliability.
Get informed on financial issues
You have the opportunity to always be the first to know the news and updates around the financial issues that concern you.

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